[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: Victor Acevedo — Photography with 3-D computer generated models and digital painting

Artist Statement

Acevedo’s work composites his own photography with 3-D computer generated models and digital painting. He utilizes a variety of software running on both the IBM and Macintosh. The final images are output via a film recorder as transparencies or as archival IRIS ink jet prints on Arches watercolor paper.

The computer, as a medium, is for the artist a kind of hybrid of painting and sculpture. Virtual objects can be built and moved as desired in a graphical three-space as well as expressively textured, lit or metamorphosed. The work has been described as a visual memoir of “everyday cymatic precessional resonance,” that is to say, there is an intent to make visible the momentary crystallization of “localized psychic energy networks” which exist in non-parallel association with people and their environment. These networks are usually represented by the interweave or overlay of geometric abstraction such as noncubical polyhedral nets or spherical planar arrays on late 20th century genre scenes.

[remark: this artist statement was published in the FISEA’93 Catalogue without a title of the work]

  • VICTOR ACEVEDO, Independent artist, Los Angeles, CA, USA