[FISEA’93] Workshops

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  • Cort Lippe & Zack Settel —IRCAM Signal Processing Work Station (ISPW): Strategies and Approaches for Live Interactions
  • Kenneth Rinaldo — Animatronics for the Artist
  • Michael Pelz-Sherman — Software Environments for Creating Interactive Sound Art on Macintosh Computers
  • Tom Donahue & Mark Sanley — Creation of a Multi-Media CD-ROM” (a.k.a “Digital Future for Art: Multi-Media and CD-Roms)
  • Eric Theise — Applied Cyberspace: Artists and Existing Network Structure
  • Peter Beyls — Using LISP to Express Musical Ideas
  • Stephen Wilson — Programming Interactive Image, Sound and Quicktime Stacks in Hypercard
  • Michi Itami — Computer-generated Imagery and Printmaking
  • John Fillwalk — Desktop Video: Digital Manipulation of Tape
  • Tim Desley — Using Multichannel Biosignal Input Devices for Controlling Computer Graphics and MIDI Music Applications