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General Meeting of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts

  • Roman Verostko, USA, FISEA’93 Director
  • Wim van der Plas, Netherlands, director Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Harri Ruohomaki, Finland, ISEA94
  • Alain Mongeau, Canada, ISEA95
  • Roger Malina, USA, ISAST/Leonardo

Paper Presentations:

Poster Sessions

Institutional Presentations


Coping with Hyperculture: technological Change and the Pace of Cultural adaption

  • Simon Penny, Peter Lunenteld, Lev Manovich, Jeffrey Schultz — Coping with Hyperculture
  • Peter Lunenfeld — Nano Thoughts & Hyperaesthetics, Art Speed and Interpretation
  • Lev Manovich — Controlling Attention: Modernism, Hollywood and VR
  • J. Schulz — Virtu-Real Space

The Network without Walls: The Re-definition of Art in the Age of Telecommunications

 The Computer As A Tool for Sculptors: Sculpting in Cyberspace

Beyond the Book: Computer-based Literature

Robert Drake, Anita Stoner, Richard Gess & Judith Kerman — Beyond the Book