[ISEA98] Biography: John Hyatt


  • Professor John Hyatt, Head of Department of Fine Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and Director of the ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA98TERROR. Ex-officio member of the International Board of ISEA (The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts). John is an artist. After his first one-person show, he came to prominence as the youngest artist selected for The British Art Show of 1986. He has exhibited extensively over the last decade. In 1991, at thirty-two years of age, he became Head at Manchester and was awarded a British Professorship two years later. His practice remains wide and varied. He is also a musician, as lead singer with the legendary Three Johns, and, most recently, an author. His first novel, “Navigating the Terror”, will be published by Ellipsis (London) in April 1999. A short extract of the novel can be found in the delegates pack, entitled “A Taste of Terror”.