[ISEA2023] Paper: Maria Zolotova — The Worlds of Entanglements: Reflection on Posthumanist Ontologies in Art&Science Projects


Full Paper.Theme Non-human – Post-human Agency Subtheme Symbiotic Individuations

The Posthuman subject is a new ontological entity and in work-in-progress: they emerge as both a critical and a creative project within the posthuman convergence along posthumanist and postanthropocentric axes of interrogation. The article relates theories by Braidotti and Ferrando to the artistic experiments with nonhuman others, trees and fungi.

  • Maria Zolotova is a researcher and producer of projects in the intersection of art, science and technology. Her main interest lies in interdisciplinary and collaborative projects, in analysis how they open up new perspective, intersect with ecological and social systems. Maria lives currently in Austria and manages S+T+ARTS Prize at Ars Electronica.