[ISEA2023] Paper: Weidi Zhang & Shaoyu Su — Volume of Voids: Artistic Visualizations of the Disequilibrium


Full Paper. Theme Non-human – Datum – Data Subtheme Symbiotic Organizations

Volume of Voids is a series of art projects that visualize and materialize the voids between different beings under the regulation of social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. It consists of two major artworks: Volume of Voids I, which creates data sculptures that visualize and materialize the voids, and Vol II of Voids, which brings an interactive art experience that emphasizes the mobility of the space-between humans. The purpose of this work is to create an artistic and conceptual response to the impact of a historical pandemic on complex social networking systems by rethinking the space-between. This paper introduces the conceptual background, design methodology, and technical implementation of this series of work, including the discussions of speculative design framework on computational art, experimental data visualization, volumetric capturing, and 3d fabrication.

  • Weidi Zhang (Ph.D.) is a new media artist based in Los Angeles and Phoenix, USA. She is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. Her interdisciplinary research investigates A Speculative Assemblage at the intersection of immersive media design, experimental data visualization, and interactive AI art. https://www.zhangweidi.com
  • Shaoyu Su (L.A., USA_) is a new media artist, developer, cinematographer and curator. His artistic practices and research employ interdisciplinary methodologies from computer graphics, photography, physics and literature, investigating concepts about deep spacetime-mining: alternative projection from ancient history to the far future. His works have shown internationally, at venues such as J.Paul Getty Museum, International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), IEEE PacificVis, Today Art Museum Beijing and Vortex Immersion Dome L.A. https://www.shaoyusu.com