[ISEA2023] Paper: Weidi Zhang & Rodger Luo — LAVIN: An AI-Navigated Art Experience in Virtual Reality


Full Paper. Theme Immersion(s) Sub theme Symbiotic Imaginaries

This paper outlines the conceptual background, design methodology, and future directions of LAVIN. This virtual reality (VR) artwork provides an immersive experience to visually explore one understanding of a neural network in which the real world maps to 50 daily objects. In the art installation, the neural network constantly analyzes the surrounding environments via a camera and outputs real-time semantic interpretations, which navigate the audience in a virtual world consisting of all the fluid abstract structures of daily objects that the neural network can recognize. We create these fluid virtual structures using data visualization, photogrammetry, and 3D modeling. By merging Artificial Intelligent (AI) system design with VR world-building, LAVIN offers an immersive art experience for symbiotic imaginations that questions the values and beliefs in the modern AI age.

  • Weidi Zhang, Ph.D. (US) is a new media artist based in Los Angeles and Phoenix. She is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. Her interdisciplinary research investigates A Speculative Assemblage at the intersection of immersive media design, experimental data visualization, and interactive AI art.
  • Jieliang (Rodger) Luo (CN/US) is Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk AI Lab https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodger-luo