[ISEA2023] Panel: Iannis Zannos, Johannes Birringer, Pavlos Antoniadis, Haruka Hirayama, Jean-François Jégo, Stella Paschalidou, Peter Nelson & Dana Papachristou — Networked Collaborative Performance: Frugal Strategies and Cultural Impact of Technology

Panel Statement

Theme: Interactive – Networked – Human Computer Interaction Sub Theme: Symbiotic Organizations

The integration of technologies such as internet communication and collaboration tools, devices for human machine-interaction, live audiovisual media processing and live coding of performance, has led to the emergence of new fields of creativity in performance arts. Each panelist is asked to report on related aspects in their recent work, from the perspective of their practical experience, and giving examples from their own work.

This panel brings together artists, technologists and educators that approach this topic from different perspectives in order to report their experience as practitioners and to discuss how the combination of these technologies changes the way in which we collaborate in these cross-over performance and science assemblages. Each panelist is asked to report on related aspects in their recent work, from perspective of their practical experience, and giving examples from their own work. The objective of the panel is to illuminate the different aspects of this field, technological, aesthetic, social and philosophical, to show from their own perspectives how all of these aspects are interrelated, and to identify the central challenges and strategies involved in creative collaboration and research in this field.

  • Jean-François Jégo is an associate professor in the Image Arts & Technologies Department and the INREV research team at the University of Paris 8, France. As a digital artist and researcher, he creates and analyzes, in regards of the concept of Ecosophy, immersive and interactive experiences, artistic installations and digital performances hybridizing Virtual and Augmented Realities.
  • Peter Nelson is Emeritus Professor of Music and Technology at the University of Edinburgh, UK, where he established the electronic and computer music studios and directed a research group in music and AI.
  • Iannis Zannos (GR)  has a background in music composition, ethnomusicology and interactive performance. https://iani.github.io
  • Johannes Birringer (DE/UK/US) is an independent media choreographer and artistic director of AlienNation Co., a multimedia ensemble that has collaborated on various site-specific and cross-cultural performance and installation projects since 1993. He lives and works in Houston, USA, and London, UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Birringer
  • Dr Pavlos Antoniadis (PhD University of Strasbourg-IRCAM, MA University of California, San Diego, MA University of Athens) is a pianist, musicologist and technologist from Athens, Greece.  https://pavlosantoniadis.wordpress.com
  • Haruka Hirayama (Ph.D.) is a composer from Murakami, Niigata, Japan. https://www.harukahirayama.com
  • Stella Paschalidou (GR), Technological Education Institute of Crete,  Music Technology and Acoustics.
  • Dana Papachristou (GR, 1979) Musicologist and artist, focusing in the combination of the Arts -music, poetry, and visual art- through the use of new technological media. https://danapapachristou.blogspot.com