[ISEA2023] Paper: Andrea Wollensak, Brett Terry & Bridget Baird — Water Stories: Visual Poetics and Collective Voices


Short Paper. Theme: Other Cosmologies Sub theme: Symbiotic Organizations

Water Stories is the result of a year-long artist residency at the Anchorage Museum exploring multiple points of view from community and poets about climate change culminating in a series of listening sessions broadcast at the Anchorage Museum and Out North Radio, live interactive poetry readings at the museum, and video projections on the museum façade.

  • Andrea Wollensak (USA) is an artist, designer and educator. Her research and media practice focus on place-based digital storytelling with community partners, and she collaborates with scientists, composers and poets. Her works are featured at international venues and supported by residencies/grants from the Anchorage Museum, Rockefeller Center, IASPIS and NSF – Connecticut College https://www.andreawollensak.com
  • Brett Terry is a composer and sound artist when not busy with his daily life as a software engineer. His electro-acoustic, choral and chamber compositions have been performed at venues such as SEAMUS, ICMC, ISEA, CAiiA, and Sound Culture. As an associate editor of Computer Music Journal (MIT Press), he has curated a special issue on Visual Music.
  • Bridget Baird is a Professor Emerita in Computer Science and Mathematics at Connecticut College, USA. Her research examines intersections in arts and technologies. Baird collaborated, as a Fulbright scholar, with colleagues in both Mexico and Ecuador. Recently, she has been addressing climate change and environmental concerns by using generative art.