[ISEA2023] Institutional Presentation: Carmen Gil Vrolijk — VOLTAJE (art and technology Salon): Art as an experience not as an object

Institutional Presentation Statement

Voltaje (Art and Technology Salon), is an event that has been held in Bogotá, Colombia, since 2014 and has become an international benchmark for the constant dynamics that are generated around the relationships between Art, Science and Technology. In 2023 we will celebrate our 10th edition, which is an important, given that such events sometimes tend to be shortlived.

The Salon is an exhibition that provides a panorama of the way in which different artists explore, question, confront and assume the multiple relationships that exist between art and technology. It is also a cultural initiative, created to make this field known to a wide audience, in which Colombia, has been a pioneer country in Latin America since the 1970s. The show has been held in two venues that did not host any previous cultural activity and in 2022 at the Planetarium of Bogotá, having the possibility for the first time to extend the duration of the event.

This presentation reflects on the need to create alternative circuits and spaces for emerging and new media creation, that has no place in traditional museums or galleries. Also, these initiatives generate urban dynamics that reactivate and redefine alternative places while de-centralizing artistic and cultural practices appealing to mass audiences while exploring he possibility of art as an experience. http://voltaje.co

  • Carmen Gil Vrolijk, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. Curator at VOLTAJE