[ISEA2023] Panel: Jean-Ambroise Vesac, Hélène Duval, David St-Onge, Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon & Chris Salter — Imaginaries and engineering through bodily and digital experience with experimental matter for artistic outcome

Panel Statement

Theme Robots – Expanded Corporalities Sub Theme  Symbiotic Imaginaries

Keywords: Robot, quantum mechanics, interaction design, dance, theatre, mechanical engineering, computer science, Visual and media arts, Arts, literature and society, materials engineering and metallurgical engineering, augmented/extended reality

This panel offers a space of comparison and reflection for three duos of artists and researchers on their interdisciplinary projects. The participants of the panel are both applied scientist and artist-researcher, with first-hand experience on the question. They elaborate on specific angle of interest. Although the genesis of the 3 projects shares a common basis, the comparison of their realization offers a nuanced portrait of the practice of research-creation as it can be done today, with accents placed on the symbiosis of imaginations across disciplines, approaches, and relations with the public. The diverse composition of the panel offers some outstanding comparations panorama.

The panel is aimed to reflect on the art & science form of expression to be touching, imaginative, emotional, interactive, playable, and even joyful. The panel discusses imaginary and conceptual bounding, decision-making approach in art and science project, to compare possible accommodation between originality and relevance. It will inform the audience of the involvement of the public at different levels of the research, upstream or downstream.