[ISEA2023] Meeting: Erandy Vergara & Anne Nigten — ISEA International Annual General Meeting

Meeting Statement

The ISEA International Board invites delegates to attend our annual general meeting (AGM), which serves as an excellent opportunity to learn about current and future plans for ISEA symposia. We would like to formally introduce ISEA board members, 3 of them having joined the board in the last year, and to offer updates on the work accomplished by the board and the new headquarters. This will also be an opportunity for the host of ISEA2024 in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia, to share their progress on next year’s exciting edition. Lastly, we will hear a presentation from the bidding city interested in hosting ISEA2025.

  • Erandy Vergara (ME/CA), chair of the board of ISEA International
  • Anne Nigten (NL), treasurer of the board of ISEA International