[ISEA2023] Paper: Miles Thorogood, Kirsteen McCulough & Aleksandra Dulic — Light Up Kelowna: Coordination and Development of Networked Community-based Media Art Urban Screen Infrastructure


Full Paper, Theme Museums – Curation  Sub theme Symbiotic Organization

In this paper we outline the structure for coordinating engaged parties in developing scalable urban screen infrastructure and considerations necessary for installing rear projection urban screens in existing city spaces. We discuss the network architectures and topologies for creating networked urban screen systems, borrowing concepts from networked music performance and installation contexts. Finally, we demonstrate the use of our approach for developing an urban screen, showcasing multiple exhibitions.

  • Miles Thorogood is an assistant professor of digital art in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and heads the Sonic Production Intelligence Research and Applications Lab at The University of British Columbia, Canada. His current research aims to identify the facets of human perception used in creative processes to develop computational-assisted tools for art and design making.
  • Aleksandra Dulic is an artist-scholar with expertise in interactive art, climate change communication, and media for social change. She is the Director of the Centre for Culture and Technology (CCT) at The University of British Columbia, Canada. She leads an interdisciplinary research team that engages multiple forms of art, media and information technologies as vehicles for the expression of community, culture, and identity.
  • Kirsteen McCulloch is the Executive Director of the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan. Born and raised in the Okanagan, Canada, Kirsteen recently returned to Kelowna after many years of living and working in the technology sector in Vancouver. Her love of all things creative, progressive, and boundary-breaking was fostered at an early age.