[ISEA2023] Institutional Presentation: Blair Stevenson — Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Minimum Viable Performance: a model for agile experimentation with arts and emerging technologies

Institutional Presentation Statement

Keywords: Arts, Innovation, Experimental Models, Ecosystem Development

This presentation outlines a model for arts experimentation developed at the Centre for Arts Innovation (CAI) at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Drawing from the concept of minimum viable product (MVP) popularized by innovation work from the field of service design, an arts-led, agile model is presented which adapts a design lens to focus on piloting arts experimentation within interdisciplinary teams including artists and creative technologists. A conceptual framework will be highlighted along with examples from the Centre’s various national and European level projects in the field of performing arts. Further areas for development of this model will be presented with specific opportunities for collaboration available leading up the year 2026 when the City of Oulu will act as the European Capital of Culture.