[ISEA2023] Invited Presentation: Stéphanie Sphyras, Benoit Nguyen Tat, Xavier Maître,& Laurie Etheve — Forum des images: Supporting XR every step of the way; an overview of the Newlmages Hub


Focus Programme; Invited Panel

As a support platform for digital and immersive creation, the Newlmages Hub aims to accompany creators at all stages, from creation to production and distribution. The Newlmages Hub channels a wide range of activities all year round: international residencies, workshops, conferences, shows, networking, XR co-production and distribution, broadcasting opportunities …

Discover differents innovative and creative projects that each in their own way tell something of the Newlmages Hub and its missions: Artcast4D an experimental European research interactivity project aiming to create an open source program, a cross-media project on Marilyn Monroe between theater, exhibition, graphic novel and VR, and XR residencies to support creators. www.forumdesimages.fr

  • Stéphanie Sphyras, screenwriter, director of the Monroe Experience project (France)
  • Benoit Nguyen Tat, screenwriter, producer of the Monroe Experience project (France)
  • Xavier Maître, researcher at the University of Paris-Saclay (France), scientific and artistic manager of the Artcast4D project
  • Laurie Etheve, Partnership and Administration Officer NewImages, Forum des images, Paris, France