[ISEA2023] Institutional Presentation: Raoul Sommeillier, Nicolas Klimis, Camilla Colombo & Gwen Sauvage — Ohme: exploiting ArtScience as a driving force for symbiosis between artistic production, academic research, and science outreach

Institutional Presentation Statement

Keywords: ArtScience, art production, transdisciplinary interactions, integrated research, sustainability, transversal education, STEAM, science outreach, mediation and popularization

Ohme is a Brussels-based ArtScience production, research, and education organization. It works at the frontiers between artistic and scientific disciplines, contributing to the development of new conceptions of interdisciplinarity, with a keen interest in research, co-creation, knowledge sharing and the decompartmentalization of disciplines, mentalities, and audiences. Ohme’s actions are transversal, moving from the visual arts to the performing arts, from the exact sciences to the humanities, while trying to question societal issues in the light of the arts and sciences, in connection with the artistic, cultural, and associative landscape.
By bringing together established and emerging artists, scientists, researchers, and students, it produces performances, installations, science dissemination devices, multidisciplinary events and exhibitions, and it coordinates educational programs and interdisciplinary research projects in ArtScience. Relying on a multidisciplinary team of engineers, cultural professionals, researchers as well as on a large scientific and artistic network, Ohme’s objective is to develop new forms of artistic creation, scientific mediation, transversal pedagogy, innovation, and exploratory research, through collaborative and transdisciplinary practices.

  • Raoul Sommeillier (BE) is an engineer, a cultural entrepreneur, a scientific researcher and an artist manager. His curriculum and career translate a deep desire to break the boundaries between disciplines. He holds a master’s degree in engineering, an advanced master in technological management and a PhD in science education. His research focuses on learning obstacles in scientific fields. As co-founder and development director at Ohme, he’s in charge of Ohme Academia , the pole entrusted with research, science sensibilization and education.
  • Camilla Colombo (BE) is a curator and producer whose practice focuses on arts and sciences. She curated exhibitions in collaboration with the Museum of Ixelles, at BOZAR, PILAR and iMal in Brussels, and she collaborated with z33 (Hasselt) and Atelier LUMA in Arles. With a background in the performing arts and in advocacy for the arts at the European level, Camilla worked in Italy, the UK, and Belgium. Interested in hybridisation and crossing of disciplines, she served in art organisations of all sizes as well as with independent artists, focusing on multidisciplinary and multimedia productions.
  • Nicolas Klimis (BE)
  • Gwen Sauvage (BE)