[ISEA2023] Invited Presentation: Stephane Singier, Judith Guez, Emmanuel Berriet, Maurice Benayoun & Emanuela Righi — Cap Digital: Let’s invent the tools and digital brushes to create the arts of the future


Focus Programme

Artists have always been pioneers in creating and experimenting with tools, processes and interfaces in the development phase, ahead of many industrial sectors. ISEA2023 will host the shared visions of several artists passionate about the explorations and experimentations made possible by computer graphics and algorithms, both through generative processes based on brain waves and through the sharing of creative practices using Open Source. Cap Digital, one of the largest collectives of digital innovators in Europe, proposes to lead an inventive and forward-looking round table on this subject.

  • Stephane Singier (FR) Prospectivist and project architect at Cap Digital https://www.linkedin.com/in/singier/?originalSubdomain=fr
  • Dr. Judith Guez (FR)    is an artist – researcher – curator in VR/MR. Her research focuses on understanding and creating illusions between reality and virtuality to explore new artistic forms, mobilizing the concept of presence and wonder. She has exhibited many artworks (La chambre de Kristoffer, Lab’Surd, InterACTE, Liber, Rock Art Rocks me…) in several international venues (Ars Electronica in Austria, Gaîté Lyrique, GoogleLab, BPI Centre Pompidou, Centre des arts Enghien, MOCA Taipei in Taiwan, VR World Forum in Switzerland). She is currently founder and director of the Laval Virtual’s artistic division. In this context, she has created in 2018 the international Art&VR festival Recto VRso in Laval (France). She is co-founder of VRAC (VR Art Collective). https://www.institutfrancais.com/en/magazine/interview/judith-guez
  • Emmanuel Mâa Berriet (Algeria, 1961). Artist, investigating the boundary between the real and the virtual. His most recent installations are becoming more and more reactive, collective, and interactive; exemplifying influences from neuroscience. https://www.lepixelblanc.co/maa-berriet
  • Maurice Benayoun (DZ/FR/HK) Media artist and theorist, Paris-Hong Kong, Maurice Benayoun (MoBen, 莫奔) is a pioneering figure of New Media Art. MoBen’s 4 decades of practice freely explores media boundaries, from virtual reality to large-scale public art installations, AI and crypto art, from a socio-political and philosophical perspective. With more than 25 international awards MoBen exhibited in festivals in more than 30 different countries. MoBen work is now following a radical path between AI, neuro-design and NFTs using the Blockchain as a medium of expression. He is presently Professor at the School of Creative Media, CityU of Hong Kong. www.moben.art
  • Emanuela Righi (IT/FR) Film maker https://providences.fr/team