[ISEA2023] Invited Presentation: Michèle Robine, Maurice Benayoun, ORLAN, Dominique Moulon, Evgeniy Chernyshov, Vidya-Kelie Juganaikloo, Golnaz Behrouznia, Yann Minh & Jean-Jacques Gay (moderator)— Oplineprize International#14: Sublimation / Réification / Symbiose


Focus Programme: Invited Panel

Panel discussion around the OPLINEPRIZE 2022 on new technologies, with winning artists surrounded by their curators. In the presence of Michèle Robine, creator and president of OPLINEPRIZE, Maurice Benayoun, guest of honour, Jean-Jacques Gay, mediator, the curators ORLAN, Dominique Moulon and the laureates Evgeniy Chernyshov and Vidya-Kelie, Golnaz Behrouznia, Yann Minh. http://oplineprize.com

  • Michèle Robine (FR), creator and president of OPLINEPRIZE
  • Evgeniy Chernyshov is a contemporary experimental artist, curator and founder of SYN Art Group. The artist works in the fields of scientific, light, sound, media, experimental and installation art.
  • Maurice Benayoun (DZ/FR/HK), is a French digital artist, curator and theorist. He is also co-founder in 1987 of Z-A, a company laboratory that has played a pioneering role for 15 years in the field of new media, computer graphics and virtual reality.
  • ORLAN (Mireille Suzanne Francette Porte, FR, 1947) is a French artist, using sculpture, photography, performance, video, 3D, video games, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics as well as scientific and medical techniques such as surgery and biotechnology. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlan
  • Dominique Moulon (FR), is an independent curator, art critic and teacher. He holds a doctorate in arts and art sciences and is a member of the French Association of Curators (CEA). Founder at SYN Art Group.
  • Vidya-Kelie Juganaikloo is a French-Mauritian artist, her double culture gives her the possibility of a vision of a connected universe, in parallel, with the promises of the digital as tools, materials or supports to serve her purpose. http://vidyakelie.fr/en
  • Golnaz Behrouznia (IR/FR) is known for her multimedia work on the living, with forms that she has been developing since her time at the Beaux-Arts de Téhéran and the Création Numérique de Toulouse. https://www.golnazbehrouznia.com
  • Yann Minh (FR, 1957) Member of the Institute for the Study of Human-Robot Relations,, Artist Researcher, graduated from ENSAD in New Media, but he prefers to describe himself as a NøøNaute Cyberpunk. http://www.yannminh.org
  • Jean-Jacques Gay (FR), is director of the festival accès)s( electronic cultures. Curator, producer, journalist, member of AICA and of the CITU team of the Laboratoire Paragraphe/Paris 8. https://www.artjaws.com/en/new-media-art-artjaws-guest-curators/jean-jacques-gay