[ISEA2023] Paper: Clarissa Ribeiro — Data-Phantoms: Impossible Nests (Memories Post Extinction)


Full Paper. Theme Datum – Data Subtheme Symbiotic Imaginaries

In a moment we sadly see young birds forgetting their songs as adults are dying faster, the series of data sculptures, using as raw data birdsong of five species extinct in nature, invites us to meditate on how fragmented audio memories of birds, recorded by humans, haunt our imagination as phantoms of forests increasingly replaced by anthropogenic landscapes.

  • Clarissa Ribeiro is a Brazilian multimedia artist and researcher based in Shanghai, China, with an interest in cross-scale information and communication dynamics that impact and shape macro-scale emergent phenomena. In her more recent projects, she explores the metaphysics of information-visualization in subversive morphogenetic strategies that welcome the animistic to navigate ecologies as cosmologies. https://www.clarissaribeiro.com