[ISEA2023] Panel: Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Hannes Rall, Ella Raidel & Emma Harper — Challenged by Choices: Narrative and Virtual Reality – a Symbiosis or Antibiosis?

Panel Statement

Theme Immersion(s) Sub Theme  Symbiotic Imaginaries

Keywords: Virtual Reality, 360° video, narrative strategies, storytelling, choices, decision making, immersion.

With this panel we propose a discussion of the narrative strategies in Virtual Reality and 360°-videos. Through the experience of our recent projects, we have identified certain prerequisites for effective plotting and successful worldbuilding in immersive environments. Storytelling,
even for the spherical screen or the headset, is all about targeting and capturing the recipient’s attention. However, whether these immersive environments should offer the freedom to move around and discover – or even create – a narrative at one’s own pace – or whether the line of sight should be directed according to the narrative depends largely on the project and its intention.

With the selected projects and panellists, different approaches to the symbiosis of 360° immersive environments, narrative storylines with all their offered choices will be presented and discussed.

  • Elke Reinhuber (DE/HK) is a media artist, educator and researcher, Associate Professor at SCM CityU in Hong Kong. With her award winning and internationally presented works, she explores different modes of presentation and strategies of storytelling to emphasise the parallel existence of multiple truths of the here and now, anchored in expanded photography. http://www.eer.de
  • Hannes Rall, aka Hans-Martin Rall (DE/SG)) is Professor of Animation Studies and Associate Chair (Research) at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is also a successful director of independent animated short films: his works have been selected for 845 international festivals and won 80 awards. http://www.hannesrall.com
  • Emma Harper (UK/SG) is a Research Assistant in the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, where she supports cross-disciplinary projects relating to the use of immersive media within the fields of literature, culture, and education. She holds undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Oxford, UK. https://nanyang.academia.edu/EmmaHarper
  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Ella Raidel (AT/SG) is a filmmaker and visual artist, living in Asia for more than 20 years, currently at NTU Singapore. In her interdisciplinary works, she focuses on the socio-cultural aspects of globalisation, urbanisation, and the representation of images. Her hybrid practice is to create a discursive space for filmmaking, art, and research. https://ellaraidel.com
  • Benjamin Seide (DE/SG) is a Singapore based artist, Visual Effects Supervisor and Associate Professor, dedicated to Animation and Visual Effects. His work contributed to international award winning feature films. Since 2013 he lectures Visual Effects at the School of Arts, Design and Media, NTU in Singapore. http://www.ataribaby.de