[ISEA2023] Artist Talk: Dani Ploeger — Revolution Refridge: Domestic technology for democratic futures

Artist Statement

Theme Architectures – Territoires Subtheme Symbiotic Organisation

Keywords: Domestic technology, refrigerator, democracy, socialism, anarchism, Rojava

Revolution Refridge is a low-cost, energy efficient refrigerator that responds to local cultural, environmental and economic conditions in North-East Syria, developed through a cooperation between artists and engineers. Drawing from the Rojava Revolution principles of self-reliance, communalist anti-capitalism and ecology, the fridge takes its starting point from sci-fi imaginaries that are rooted in local and regional traditions. The project is part of the Rojava Center for Democratic Technologie, based at the University of Rojava in Qamishlo, Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

  • Dani Ploeger (NL) explores situations of conflict and crisis on the fringes of the world of high-tech consumerism. His objects, videos and software engage with the spectacles of waste, sex and violence and question the sanitized, utopian marketing surrounding innovation and its implications for local and global power dynamics. https://www.daniploeger.org