[ISEA2023] Invited Presentation: Unknown — Micro-Folie Symbiosis


Focus Programme

A unique cultural project, Micro-Folie illustrates the symbiosis with all the territories!

This program is supported by the Ministry of Culture and coordinated by La Villette. Micro-Folie offers fun and educational cultural contents through different modular spaces. These modules (Digital museum, virtual reality, game library, …) are set up inside many types of existing structures (library, hall, school, shopping center …) or inside spaces created specifically to welcome the Micro-Folie.

At the heart of the project lies the Digital Museum, a true digital art gallery that encourages curiosity. An open window to discover the diversity of the masterpieces of humanity.

Micro-Folie is a convergence of multiple possibilities, a crossroad for creative and recreational grounds.

We offer to explore with you the interactions, the sustainable links, the mutual benefits of this tool, through interventions, testimonies and demonstrations with and by those who use it and make it live.