[ISEA2023] Artists Talk: Tatiana Kourochkina & Gabino Carballo — Working plants from afar

Artists Statement

Theme Ecosystems – Climate Change Sub theme Symbiotic Imaginaries

Keywords: Hybridization, humans and plants, green blindness, capitalism, biocenosis, immigration, adaptation

For the ISEA2023 symposium Epicuro Lab wants to present the development of the “Working Plants from Afar” artwork and the results of the different activities that involve the local community and revolve around awaking emotional connection with the plant world. At the same time, these activities invite to reflect on human immigration and the dependence of humans on plant specimens.

The ephemeral installation is in processes of germination of the seeds of the plant. The activities will take place in April of 2023, during the blooming period of installation’s flowers, at the Museum of History of Immigration of Catalonia, Barcelona (MHiC), Spain.

  • Tatiana Kourochkina [name in the passport is Kourotchkina] (RU/ES): Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Architecture of Venice, focused on Landscape Research applied to urban biodiversity and ecology, curator and producer of art related to science. Founder of the art and science foundation Quo Artis (Barcelona, ES) and a columnist for Retina Tendencias (El País, ES). [Source: https://ars.electronica.art/planetb/en/plantless-planet]
  • Gabino Carballo (ES): Landscape architect and project manager with extensive experience in the application of nature based solutions, urban biodiversity promotion and green space design and management. He is also a board member of the Spanish association of public parks and gardens, with responsibility for communication and international relations. He has a long standing interest in art, design and their relationship with urban design and the environment. [Source: https://ars.electronica.art/planetb/en/plantless-planet]