[ISEA2023] Paper: Yu-Hsiung Huang & Su-Chu Hsu — The Creative Design and Social Service Practice of zen_Farm


Full Paper. Theme: Other Cosmologies Sub theme: Symbiotic Organizations

We developed “zen_Farm” through waste recycling and makers, with the aim of guiding people to practice how to calm their minds. Utilize the concept of “Every drop of calm water makes all things green” to remind the world to cherish the natural environment and live in peace with all things. The main purpose of zen_Farm is to emphasize the calmness and concentration of “Mind Meditation”. Its special feature is that people use the stability of their heartbeats to drive the water source of zen_Farm. In recent years, the world has gradually developed a new form of creative community that combines digital media to gather community awareness and improve the current situation of the community, which can bring new energy and stimulate new thinking in urban areas. We practically integrate zen_Farm into social practice, including:

(1) The installation is located at Dharma Drum Mountain, the most important Buddhist unit in Taiwan. Let the Buddhist masters in the park use the concept of plant irrigation to reflect the natural environment to be sustainable and green. Guide them to finally become one with nature.

(2) The installation was installed at Shakeng Elementary School in Taiwan, allowing students to renovate the campus together and irrigate the plants through their own heartbeats to create a common memory on the campus. The zen_Farm is not only an interactive installation art work made by makers, it makes the campus of Buddhist parks and rural schools more friendly and beautiful, and it also supports the concept of environmental protection. We also hope to achieve the long-standing goal of digital art creators – “Media Transparency” through the creative design and social practice of zen_Farm. Participating in meditation activities can connect the emotional memories of the community together and establish a shared memory in the campus.