[ISEA2023] Paper: Victoria Hilsberg — DAOs: A Blockchain-based application not intervening, but strengthening the agility of contemporary arts


Theme: NFT – Blockchains Subtheme: Symbiotic Organizations

The Blockchain-based application DAO not only confronts the complexity of the modern society through its comprehensive application potential. It also channels the elements of contemporary discourse such as political qualities of art, participatory art and cybernetic forces. Within the timeframe of the existence of the concept since 2014, DAOs enable the interconnection of culture, technology and ecology.

  • Victoria Hilsberg (DE) is a researcher and writer at the intersection of art, market, and technology. She completed her M.A. in art history on the application of NFT technology in contemporary art in 2023. She works as Project/Curatorial Manager, and consults with Artists and Galleries regarding the entry into the NFT and Web3 ecosystem.