[ISEA2023] Paper: Lucile Haute — Living with Kombucha: Flavor, Feminism, Free Culture, Ritual


Full Paper, Theme Interspecies  Sub theme Symbiotic Organizations

One and half year living with kombucha drew a path through several domains (gastronomy and food, health, textile design, social practices) and various locations (from bio-hack lab to kitchen, art performance, design school, and brewery lab), diverging from a disciplinary point of view in favor of a “global design” (Papanek) approach that embraces co-dependencies (Haraway, Tsing).

  • Lucile Haute is an artist, researcher and educator at University of Nîmes, France, and at the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Her research brings together spirituality, technologies and living together, beyond anthropocentrism. Synthesizing these issues, she wrote the Cyberwitches Manifesto.