[ISEA2023] Paper: Nefeli Georgakopoulou, Dionysios Zamplaras, Sofia Kourkoulakou & Chu-Yin Chen — Towards a sympoietic relation with materials in interactive artworks


Full Paper, Theme Non-human – Post-human Agency  Sub theme Symbiotic Individuations 

In this paper we acknowledge the agency of non-human entities and argue against the binaries of subject/object, mind/body, nature/culture, science/art towards a new materiality. Technology has given us the opportunity to characterize and analyze material systems not only by their properties, but also by their potentialities. This leads to a sympoietic relation boundary between human-matter-machine interactions.

  • Nefeli Georgakopoulou is an architect, designer and a digital artist. She is currently conducting her PhD at Paris 8 University at INREV and is also a Research Associate in the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). Her academic research focuses on the merge of science, technology and arts. Her work is based on concepts such as the use of materials as interfaces, mixed reality, robotic art, digital aesthetics and the use of AI in an artistic context.
  • Dionysios Zamplaras, research project ‘Interactive Design and Experience Mapping’, INREV lab, Paris 8 University https://inrev.univ-paris8.fr/dionysis-zamplaras
  • Sofia Kourkoulakou, research project ‘the deterritorialization of interactive immersive art in virtual reality’at INREV lab, Paris 8 University https://inrev.univ-paris8.fr/sophia-kourkoulakou
  • Chu-Yin Chen (TW/FR) Artist and Professor at ATI, director of the Digital Image and Virtual Reality research team (INREV) of the Arts of Images and Contemporary Art Laboratory of the University of Paris 8. Head of the M2 year of the Digital Creation master’s degree.