[ISEA2023] Artist Talk: Stavros Didakis — Xenoforms

Artist Statement

Theme: AI – Generative Subtheme: Symbiotic Imaginaries

Keywords: Robotics, Machine Learning, Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication, Real-Time Graphics, Sonification

Xenoforms is a work that integrates artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biotechnologies, and architecture, with the purpose of reflecting on machine agency and computational colonization of the physical space. Xenoforms refer to machine-created & machine-generated synthetic parasites that aim to occupy and control the body of an architectural host. The properties and qualities of the parasites are meticulously inspected by an autonomous 7- axis robotic system that attempts to enthusiastically accomplish its set goal, that is, to identify the fittest candidate from the selection pool, one that will manage to successfully derive its sustenance from the architectural space.

  • Stavros Didakis (GR) is an academic, researcher, and artist focusing on the speculation of technological futures and in particular studying and experimenting with architectural augmentation and inhabitant personalization, exploring sensorial interfaces and technological frameworks as extensions of human environments. Stavros has won grants and awards in creative technologies, he has exhibited his interactive works in international exhibitions and biennales, and he has made numerous publications in conferences, journals, and books. Stavros is at present an Associate Professor in Interactive Media Arts at New York University (Shanghai, China). https://soniconlab.com