[ISEA2023] Paper: Dominique Cunin, Emmanuel Durand & Michał Seta — Immersive environments, video tracking and collective interactivity on smartphone: a generic ‘dispositif’


Full Paper. Theme Interactive – Networked – Human Computer Interaction Subtheme Symbiotic Organizations

In this paper, we describe our joined research around building a technological pipeline suitable for creating artistic immersive installations that uses a combination of computer vision and mobile phones as means for interaction, both in the sense of HCI and interaction between human participants.

  • Dominique Cunin has a doctorate in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of the Arts (Paris 8). His artistic project takes as its theme the representation and apprehension of space through digital image technologies. Artist and programmer, he is now a teacher at ESAD Grenoble-Valence and a researcher-associate at EnsadLab in Paris. [Translated from French by Google Translate]
  • Emmanuel Durand, Research director at MetaLab of SAT, Montréal, Canada 
  • Michał Seta, Researcher in charge of SATIE at MetaLab of SAT, Montréal, Canada