[ISEA2023] Panel: Claire Couffy, Emmanuel Mahé & Edith Buser — For a symbiotic art/design/science education

Panel Statement

Theme: Education, Subtheme: Symbiotic Organizations

Keywords: Education, mediation, earning, transversality, museum, university, school, pedagogical, innovation

Education is not a homogeneous field and pedagogical practices themselves are undergoing major changes. The relationship to knowledge has indeed changed considerably in recent years. The cultural sector has not escaped this, even if the relationship between teachers and students has long been much more horizontal than in universities. These transformations also modify the relationships between organisations in charge of pedagogical or mediation missions. Thus, museums, universities and art and design schools are increasingly working together. New actors are also emerging with methods that can shake up the old ones.

By observing these emerging ecosystems and, more importantly, by inviting key representatives of these ecosystems, this roundtable is a collective attempt to define what a ‘symbiotic education’ between who and whom, and what, for what benefits, could be? The scope of the discussion is that of ISEA: arts, design and sciences. This debate will also allow us to propose a synthesis of the workshop dedicated to the same theme and will thus constitute a very concrete starting point. This panel is also part of a reflection initiated during the international colloquium “Crossover between arts, design and sciences to teach differently” held at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2021.

  • Claire Couffy (FR), Project manager of the cooperation between university and museum, in national art center Centre Pompidou
  • Emmanuel Mahé (FR), Director of research at national college of art and design ENSAD PSL. Researcher in human sciences
  • Edith Buser (FR) is in charge of the valorization atr ENSAD PSL unioversity, at the interface of arts, design and sciences