[ISEA2023] Keynote: Charleyne Biondi — Power to Imagination: Rethinking Creativity in the Digital Age


Where is technological progress leading us? To get a sense of the digital transformation societies are going through, and more importantly, to grasp a hold of it, we must be able to imagine the future we desire. Yet, at a time when algorithms can pretend to be “creative,” our capacity to understand the world and make sense of it seems more than ever entangled with the digital tools that mould our lives. Reclaiming the human gift of imagination is much more than a matter of digital ethics in the face of artificial intelligence, it should be a political priority for the future of democracy.

  • Charleyne Biondi (FR/US) is a doctor in political science (Ph.D.). Her research focuses on the politics of the digital age. She is an Associate Researcher at the Centre for Political Research at Sciences Po (CEVIPOF) and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at Institut Montaigne. She is the author of De-coding: a counter-history of the digital age (Bouquins, 2022). She has taught digital ethics and the cultural history of technology at Sciences Po, La Sorbonne, and EDHEC business school. She graduated from Columbia University (New York) where she holds a Ph.D. in political theory.