[ISEA2023] Poster: Flavien Bazenet, Laura Plisson & Alexandre Goeury — Design Fiction: Creativity and Science-fiction for developing soft skills

Poster Statement

Our pedagogical innovation is centered around an innovative methodology to learn how to innovate differently: Design Fiction. Increasingly used in companies by directors of innovation in particular, it is aimed at all those who wish to renew their innovation process.

This method combines phases of foresight, ideation, prototyping and storytelling. Participants collaborate in project mode with the aim of designing an innovation rooted in an imagined future. Design Fiction particularly uses design thinking and science fiction to put the imagination at the service of innovation. Around creative workshops, inspiring conferences or educational escape games, we have set up an experiential pedagogy that alternates theory and practice to create an environment conducive to creativity. The goal is to give participants confidence in their creative abilities and teach them new ways to innovate. The pedagogy that we offer thus makes it possible to renew the learning of creativity. It participates in training collaborative individuals and future entrepreneurs. In our VUCA context (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), creativity is indeed one of the most essential soft skills to generate new ideas and ultimately find innovative solutions.

[Translated from French by Google Translate]