[ISEA2023] Institutional Presentation: Sofian Audry & Manuelle Freire — Hexagram Network 2020-2027

Institutional Presentation Statement

Keywords: Interdisciplinarity, inclusivity, diversity, research-creation, media arts.

In its current programming cycle (2020-2027) Hexagram Network is invested in understanding and promoting more interdisciplinary, inclusive and diverse models of research-creation. The Network seeks to develop knowledge-sharing and mediation tools and strategies for broader reach, and more effective dissemination and valorization of the research outcomes and artistic productions that emerge from our communities of practice.

  • Manuelle Freire (CA) MA, PhD, is general coordinator of Hexagram network, Professeure associée UQAM and lecturer at Concordia University. She is an experienced in programming and production in the Cultural and Creative Industries and Academia in the disciplines of Digital and New Media Arts, Design, Higher Education and Research.
  • Sofian Audry (CA) is an artist, researcher, and professor in interactive media at École des Medias of Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). His work is inspired by visual art, artificial intelligence, artificial life, biology and cognitive sciences. His computational works are deployed through multiple media such as robotics, interactive installations, immersive environments, interventions in public space, web art and electronic literature.