[ISEA2023] Poster: Xavier Arqué, Samuel Sánchez & Tania Patiño — Enzymepowered Micro and Nanomotors for Biohybrid Nanobot Art

Poster Statement

Keywords: Active matter, Micromotor, Nanomotor, Collective Motion, Swarm, Enzyme, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microswimmer, Nanoswimmer.

Nature has inspired the creation of artificial micro and nano motors that self propel converting chemical energy into mechanical action. These tiny machines have appeared as promising biomedical tools for treatment and diagnosis and have also been used for environmental, antimicrobial or sensing applications. Among the possible catalytic engines, enzymes have emerged as an alternative to inorganic catalysts. However, these biohybrid (half biological half artificial) nano systems, its bottom-up design of synthetic living devices and the complex motion dynamics that they present have yet not been explored through the lenses of artistic practices, a task needed given their potential.