[ISEA2023] Panel: Claire Anscomb, Damien Charrieras, Scott Contreras-Koterbay & Lukasz Mirocha — Mimesis, Creation, Collaboration? Perspectives on AI-enhanced Aesthetics in Contemporary Art Practice

Panel Statement

Theme: AI – Generative Sub Theme: Symbiotic Imaginaries

Keywords: AI, aesthetics, agency, creativity, human-machine collaboration

The focus of this panel is the complex, dynamic and emerging relationship AI has with aesthetics. We see artificial intelligence (AI) as a useful tool for the creation of art, at one end of the spectrum, or that see AI as an unintentional threat to the autonomy of human artistic and creative activity, each of us agrees with one simple truth: AI is an important factor in how we make art and how we aesthetically respond to objects and experiences, and that the associated nuances and effects must be explored and articulated. The breadth of its effect is broad and the changes it is producing are pervasive and irreversible as it is manifested by DeepDream, Midjourney or DALL-E, etc.

Regardless of any differences, each contributor to this panel agrees that AI’s effects in terms of aesthetics are irrevertible and profound and redefine the notions of creative agency and human-machine collaboration. Importantly, we also believe that it’s necessary to define what AI is, specifically as it relates to aesthetics and creative arts.

The panel proposal is a result of a multi-authored book project currently being undertaken by the panel members composed of both practicing artists as well as art theoreticians.