[ISEA2023] Paper: Delma Rodriguez Morales — Leaving our comfort zone. A proposal to co-create appropriation in Media Art Archives for their sustainable future


Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving

Keywords: media art, teachers training, sustainability, archives, co-creation, world digital heritage, digital vellum

This article presents ideas, proposals and strategies to renew in a sustainable way the creative involvement and appropriation of the contents of online digital archives dedicated to media art. Under the premise of multilingual open access repositories, with the interaction in collaborative and co-creative networks, a training programme is presented in the context of the Anilla Cultural Latinoamérica-Europa in Uruguay, aimed at future teachers of primary and secondary education at the local level and the Spanish-speaking region. This initiative proposes keys that allow for the collaborative and co-creative expansion of teaching and research based on media art archives with a global perspective.

The article also proposes two ideas to be developed by ISEA Archives. These are: 1) to present a project to UNESCO to declare the ISEA Archives as a Digital World Heritage of Humanity, and 2) to study how the concept of “digital vellum” can be used to preserve the contents of the Connecting Archives project.

The proposal and the two ideas presented in the article are a step forward in quality and quantity to ensure a sustainable future for media art archives. Co-creativity and collaboration
will be the main tools to achieve these goals.

  • Delma Rodriguez Morales is an experienced educator and e-cultural manager. She founded the InfoArt project (2002) about art and technology with a transdisciplinary approach and also the node in Uruguay (2011) of the Cultural Ring (Anilla Cultural) Latin America-Europe well-known as co-creation network in art, science, technology and society. Extended biography: https://anillaculturaluruguay.net/bioDelma.pdf