[ISEA2023] Paper: Dalton Martins & Paula Perissinotto — Publication, dissemination and network collaboration in digital collections’ archive of memory institutions: interoperability among the information networks Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and Tainacan free software


Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving

Keywords: Tainacan, Roundtripping, Wikidata, Wikimedia, File Archive.

The article proposes the development of a service that facilitates publication and monitoring of editions and collaborations made by users of memory institutions digital archives in environments such as Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. Therefore, it presents a technical modeling for a feedback service called roundtripping, which evolves the information networks from the wiki environment and Tainacan free software. Tainacan has been configuring itself as an important free software for the management and dissemination of digital collections from a network composed of Brazilians memory institutions.

There are considerable technical and operational challenges for the implementation of a service that not only allows the publication of collections from a digital repository of a memory institution, but also the monitoring of the reutilizations, editions and collaborations of users in other information networks. By allowing the connection among Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia information networks for the publication and encouragement of reuse of digital collections from institutions already published in Tainacan, this research aims to expand the circulation of heritage collections, makes the knowledge generated about them relevant and, thus, values Brazilian material culture in the network society. The objective of this research is to present in a case study format, how the roundtripping process has been modeled and implemented in partnership with the FILE Archive initiative.

  • Dalton Martins work with research on the interface between computer science and information science, focusing specifically on data science and websemantics/open data linked applications for digital collections development and data analysis of memory institutions’ collections. Currently coordinates the Tainacan project, in partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Museums.
  • Paula Perissinotto is specialized in new media, contemporary art and digital culture. Graduated in Fine Arts at FAAP, with master’s degree in visual poetics from ECA (School of Communications and Arts, University of São Paulo). Specialization in Curating and Cultural Practice in Art and New Media by MECAD / ESDI in (Barcelona / ES). Since 2000, Paula Perissinotto has been co-founder, organizer and co-curator of FILE International Festival of Electronic Language, a non-profit cultural organization that promotes and encourages aesthetic and cultural productions related to the new poetics of contemporary culture.