[ISEA2023] Panel: Carl-Philipp Hoffmann, Paula Perissinotto, Terry Wong, Bonnie Mitchell & Oliver Grau (moderator) — Bridging Knowledge: Connecting New Media Art Archives

Panel Statement

Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving

Keywords: Keywords: archive, connectivity, new media art, online archive, discoverability, networked information, automation

The Connecting New Media Art Archives project has been developing a methodology to enable the sharing of information between currently ‘siloed’ online repositories of New Media Art. With representatives from collections across the globe, this panel will examine the design and technical implementation decisions required to actualize connecting information in the archives.

Creating connections between new media art archives involves technical, resource-availability and coordination challenges. To mitigate and adapt to such constraints, a clear articulation of the purpose(s) of connection can help to identify functional requirements and thus provide direction in technical choices. Accuracy, integrity and discoverability are our core principles. By creating an automatable methodology, the overarching goal to create a network of interconnected knowledge related to new media art is closer to realisation.

  • Carl-Philipp Hoffmann is an information architect and project manager specialising in the development and lifecycle of semi-structured information repositories with experience across a variety of industries and cultural domains. He is currently Project Manager of the “Infrastructures for Digital Arts Teaching and Research in Higher Education” a 4 year project at the Center for Image Science at the University for Continuing Education, on the Danube in Krems, Austria while pursuing his Master of Arts in Media Art History.
  • Paula Perissinotto is specialized in new media, contemporary art and digital culture. Co-founder, organizer and curator of FILE, the International Electronic Language Festival. PHD student at Arts | ECA, in Visual Poetics. Member of the Realidades Research Group licensed by CNPq, led by Profa. Dr. Silvia Laurentiz. Master’s in Visual Poetics by ECA (School of Communications and Arts of USP University of São Paulo) with specialization in Curatorship and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media by MECAD / ESDI in (Barcelona, ES). Since 2020 has been coordinating the FILE archive Project archive.file.org.br.
  • Terry C. W. Wong is an archivist and co-organizer for the ISEA Archives. He has a bachelor’s degree from the Applied Science Department of the University of British Columbia and a Master’s degree in Fine Art at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Currently, he is working on his graduate research study on connecting new media art archiving worldwide in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Terry has been involved with the development and organizing the New Media Art Archiving Summit since 2017. He is currently a member of the organizing committee for the Summit. Before working in new media art archiving, he was also an engineer, artist, and a member of the ISEA2016 organizing team.
  • Bonnie Mitchell is a digital artist, animator, archivist as well as a professor of Digital Arts at Bowling Green State University in the USA. Her creative work includes interactive installation art, environmental data visualization art, experimental visual music animation, net-art, and new media art archive development. Bonnie is the co-director of the SIGGRAPH History and ISEA Symposium online Archives. She is also a member of the ISEA International Advisory Committee, the ACM SIGGRAPH History and Digital Arts Committees and is the SIGGRAPH 2023 History Chair in charge of the 50th conference celebration.
  • Oliver Grau (born 1965) is a German art historian and media theoretician with a focus on image science, modernity and media art as well as culture of the 19th century and Italian art of the Renaissance. Main Areas of Research are: Digital Art, Media Art History, immersion, digital humanities, documentation and conservation strategies of born-digital media art. He is founding director of the Archive for Digital Art (1998) and director of the Society for MediaArtHistories and its biennial conference series (since 2004). His monograph “Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion” (MIT Press 2004) is among the most cited works in recent art history, with over 2600 citations, and with translations of his texts in 15 languages to date and over 300 invited lectures in 44 countries, he is one of the most internationally renowned contemporary art and media scholars. [source: Wikipedia]