[ISEA2022] Artists Statement: Francesc Sòria, Sidney Latil & Carles Clemente (Hamill Team) — Slow Violence

Artists Statement

Screening. Shown at the ISEA2022 Opening Ceremony, June 10, Museu Frederic Marès and at the ISEA2022 Main Ceremony, June 4, Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau

Human-induced environmental conditions that actively cause harm to people are forms of Slow Violence. But this evil is slow, indefinite, and often perceptible only in retrospect. Not all violence is fast: hidden from the eyes of the whole society, there is a kind of evil that develops too slowly. This piece proposes a space to rethink some of the long-lasting effects and formulates a visual exercise on the geological transformation and destruction of living ecosystems, by flooding a living ecosystem with a sort of radioactive eruptions. We wanted to create a visual that reflects on the great acceleration of these changes (Anthropocene) and the repercussions they have on climate and biodiversity based on observing, in a very sensory and tactile way, the effects and changes produced on the earth’s surface as a result of erosion, thawing, volcanism, and human-induced environmental catastrophes. The concept of Slow Violence is a term that Rob Nixon defines as a type of “violence that occurs gradually, invisibly, slowly and persistently destroying and expanding through time and space.”
[Source: https://hamillindustries.com/slow-violence-at-cosmocaixa]

Directed by Hamill Industries
Music: Holograms Nil Ciuró
Hamill Team: Francesc Sòria, Sidney Latil, Carles Clemente
Tech Support: SMODE @josevaliña

  • Francesc Sòria, Sidney Latil & Carles Clemente, Hamill Industries, Barcelona, ES. Hamill Industries is a creative studio partnership composed of skilled film directors, inventors, and mix-media artists Pablo Barquín and Anna Diaz. Their body of work focuses on marrying computerized, robotic, and video techniques to explore concepts from nature, the cosmos, and the laws of physics. Specializing in developing innovation projects based on experimentation and mixing of emerging and traditional techniques, to create new formats of visual communication. https://hamillindustries.com