[ISEA2020] Curator Statement: The Consulat Général de France à Québec (Curator) — Scopitone Festival

Curator Statement

The Consulat Général de France à Québec in Montreal, in partnership with the Scopitone Festival in Nantes, presents a selection of works by French artists as part of ISEA2020. Organised by Stereolux, the Scopitone Festival is an international-scale gathering dedicated to electronic cultures and the digital arts. Every year it attracts over 30,000 festival goers, showcasing around sixty different artists, coming from more than 20 different countries. Scopitone Programme includes concerts and performances, installations, conferences, workshops, round tables and industry gatherings, as well as a youth programme. For ISEA 2020, Scopitone’s artistic Director Cédric Huchet curated a selection of artworks by French artists. In relation to ISEA2020’s theme “Why Sentience?,” the selected artists develop a unique approach to digital creation, questioning the place and relationship between humans, their environment, technologies, changes in the world (societal, ecological, philosophical, etc.). ARTISTS Guillaume Cousin (FR) , Le silence des Particules [Large-scale installation, 2018] Nathalie Guimbretière (FR), Naxos [Video, 2020] Laurent La Torpille (FR), das Lichtquant [Informatique, 2020] Guillaume Marmin (FR), Anger & Hope [Installation, 2019] [editors note: Instead of ‘Anger & Hope’, ‘Licht, mehr Licht!’ was shown]