[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Joel Swanson — Codependent Algorithms

Artist Statement

Tags: Algorithm, Code-Based Artwork, Infinity

Codependent Algorithms is a code based artwork that explores the human interdependence with algorithms. The project begins by choosing a random word. Then a misspelling algorithm (which are used to intentionally mimic human spelling errors to improve website search rankings) deforms the word which is displayed on the right. Then a spelling correction algorithm corrects that word and displays it on the left, creating an infinite feedback loop of deformation and correction that removes the need for human input and intervention. joelericswanson.com/projects#/codependentalgorithms jbgallag.ddns.net/CodependentAlgos

Video: Codependent Algorithms

  • Joel Swanson (US) is an artist and writer whose work chiefly explores the failings and glitches of linguistic systems. His work critically subverts the technologies, materials, and underlying structures of language to reveal its idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies. His work ranges from interactive installations to public sculptures that playfully and powerfully question words and their meanings. Swanson is an assistant professor in the ATLAS Institute and the Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics & Society at the University of Colorado Boulder where he works and teaches at the intersection of language and technology. He holds a courtesy appointment in the Intermedia Arts Writing and Performance PhD Program. He received his Masters of Fine Art at the University of California, San Diego with a focus in Computing and the Arts. joelericswanson.com colorado.edu/atlas/joel-swanson