[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Martín Rodríguez — In Search of Aztlan…

Artist Statement

Tags: Dashcam, Radio Signals, Video, VIDEO/PLAY

In Search of Aztlan… is an intervention-based work that follows the artist as he explores the territory around his childhood home looking for an understanding of his Chicanx heritage and in doing so cracks a window into the US/MX border. By merging dashcam videos, along with audio recordings of radio signals, the work explores how borders, both physical and psychological, shape our individual and collective identities.

  • Martín Rodríguez (USA/CA) is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator. His work draws connections between the intrinsic communications in sound to create experiences that engage in the present. His performances, installations, and interventions utilize unconventional techniques to expose the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies found in the cracks of the radio spectrum. Notably, Rodríguez’s work has been presented by the Musée d’art contemporain Montréal, MUAC (CDMX), Darling Foundry, Spektrum (Berlin), as well as various performances across Canada and the US. boomboomba.com