[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Taien Ng-Chan — Inside the Chrysalis

Artist Statement

Inside the Chrysalis is a science fiction that is happening now. Wrapped in their cocoons, people dream of new worlds… Inner landscapes and strange bedfellows… What will emerge? This 360VR video by Taien Ng-Chan is made in collaboration with artists who were asked to construct a cocoon out of common household items, however they wished. Featuring, in order of appearance: Carmela Laganse, Donna Akrey, Leslie Sasaki, Taien Ng-Chan, Melissa Murray-Mutch and Sam Ollmann-Chan. This artwork is available to experience online.

  • Taien Ng-Chan is a writer and media artist who makes, among other things, short essay films, site-specific interactive video installations, and collaborative mapping events. She won the City of Hamilton Established Artist Award in Media Arts in 2019, and currently teaches at York University. Her website is soyfishmedia.com.