[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Allison Moore — Les noctiluques

Artist Statement

LES NOCTILUQUES (noctilucas) are animals which emit light in darkness. This community organized event invites local residents to come lite the neighbourhood using lanterns and video projection mapping. The activity combines a lantern making workshop with a night-time parade leading to an outdoor event in Parc Jean-Brillant. Noctilucas, also known as “sea sparkle” use bioluminescence to glow in the dark. Historically a mysterious phenomena, noctilucas are mostly visible at night when populations or “blooms” gather together.

  • Allison Moore is a new media artist working in expanded cinema and based in Montréal, Canada. Currently an MFA candidate in Film Production at Concordia University, she is advancing research in immersive media and VR as a member of Milieux. For the past 14 years, she has crafted an independent practice participating in residencies, workshops, and exhibitions internationally. Her work has been programmed at Tokyo Arts and Space (Japan), OBORO (Montreal), Traverse Video (France), Museu de Arte de Belem (Brazil), Festival of Nouveau Cinéma (Montréal), FIFA Experimental (Montréal), MAPP Festival and MUTEK Montreal. Her series of multi-screen video panoramas depict improbable landscapes referencing scenic dioramas. She is currently in production with a new media public art work for The Grand Théâtre de Québec. Moore works as a freelance editor, compositor and animator as well as teaching workshops in New Media practices. allisonmoore.net