[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Katherine Melançon – Seven Sisters Series National Park Series (Grass, Scrub, Woodland, Fauna)

Artist Statement

In Grass, Scrub, Woodland, still life is created with organic specimens gathered at the Seven Sisters National Park in Brighton, England; in Fauna, a still life that expands and contracts indefinitely. The works from the Seven Sisters Series National Park Series act as animated scanograms. katherinemelancon.com/seven-sisters-series

  • Katherine Melancon holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts (UK) and her BA in Communications studies/Interactive Medias from UQAM (CA). Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the US and various countries in Europe, including in France at Galerie Charlot, in the UK at gallery Arcadia Missa and in Switzerland at the Fotomuseum in Winterthur. Her works are part of private and public collections in Europe and North America such as PADORAC and the Central Saint Martins Museum Collection. Katherine works and lives in Montreal, Canada. katherinemelancon.com