[ISEA2020] Artists Statement: Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt (Scenocosme) — Kryophone

Artists Statement

Tags: Interactive Art, Light Sculpture, Sound Sculpture

“Kryophone“ is a sonorous and luminous interactive sculpture made of ice reacts to the electrostatic touch of bodies. Sounds and light evolve according to the intensity of contacts. At the same time the human heat will transform and model in a new way the ice sculpture.This fragile sculpture invites audience to question our relationship with the environment.The interaction with the sculpture is necessary in order to generate sound and light, but the heat of each touch will transform, influence slowly it shape. Qualities of shape, density and transparency will evolve according to the unpredictable melt generated by human heat and climatic variations. The sculpture represents an icosahedron: symbol of water, among one of the five solids of Plato. The sonorous feedbacks evoke liquid, organic, fragile and deep matter. This artwork renders visible imperceptible exchanges.

  • For artist’s duo Scenocosme –Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt– interaction in their artworks emerges from using multiple kinds of expression. They design interactive artworks in which spectators share extraordinary sensory experiences that encourage them to think about our invisible relationship with the environment. Their installations come from possible hybridizations between technology and living world in order to explore different artistic process of meetings, crossings, symbolic interactions. Their artworks are exhibited in museums, contemporary art centres, and digital art festivals across the world : ZKM Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media (Germany), Daejeon Museum of Art (Korea), Museum Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Canada), NCCA (Moscow), CAM Raleigh (USA), and Bòlit Centre d’Art Contemporani (Girona), Art Center Nabi / INDAF (Seoul), BIACS3 / Biennial International of Contemporary Art of Seville (Spain), Biennial Experimenta (Australia), NAMOC / National Art Museum of China (Beijing) etc. scenocosme.com/index_e.htm