[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Baron Lanteigne — tangible data

Artist Statement

Tags: Animation, Discord, Loops, Online Community, Performance, Twitter

Tangible Data explores and infiltrates an online community that develops a “virtual” art market for a cryptocurrency-hungry public. The project consists of a series of animated loops created and monetized according to the consumption requirements of this community. The loops are then deployed on several online platforms ranging from Twitter to Discord.
For ISEA2020, you are invited to navigate from one platform to another, recreating the artist’s trajectory—mapped on the website—and to immerse yourself in a community little-known to the art world. The average time for exploring the work is fifteen minutes. The animations as well as the website that hosts them serve as prototypes for a physical installation planned for 2021 and reflect the transmedial and evolutionary nature of a project that is already unfolding within three distinct exhibitions: the group exhibition Principia Discordia presented by SuperRare x Felt Zine, the online exhibition [The art happens here] by Annka Kultys Gallery and the online exhibition Re|Search by the Archiver le Présent Collective. video: tangibledata.art

  • Johann Baron Lanteigne (b. 1987) depicts our relationship with technology and its infrastructure through installations combining modified screens, cables, electronic devices and animations assembled as portals bridging the real and virtual worlds. Baron lives and works in Quebec City, Canada, however, the core of his work comes from his involvement with many online fringe communities, virtual collaborations and online collections such as The Wrong Biennale, Real-Fake and SPAMMM. Stemming from the internet, his work is now presented internationally at digital art events: Les Garages Numériques (BE), Mapping Festival (GE), Mirage Festival (FR), Vector Festival (CA), Dutch Design Week (NL), SONAR+D (ES), CuVo Video Art Festival (ES), Electrofringe (AU), CPH:DOX (DK) and at the Ludwig Museum (HU). Baron Lanteigne also specializes as a technological consultant for artists and artist-run centers. baronlanteigne.com

Tangible Data receives financial assistance from the Première Ovation – Arts Numérique grant program.