[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Sonia Guggisberg — Live Wheel

Artist Statement

Tags: Documentary, Immersive Audio Installation, Interface, Multichannel

Live Wheel is an immersive audio installation built around documental files of the huge contemporary migration wave in Europe, there were 5 trips from 2014 to 2019 to Greece in order to register the strong migrational movement coming from Africa through the sea. It is a documental artwork made up of sounds that enables the viewer/participant to enter the reality of migration and not only to look at it: it presents an immersive landscape, that enables experience and incorporation of the original noise strength so that remote reality questions may be processed. This research proposes to elaborate new organizing logics that intend to be in transit between the fields of subjectivity and objectivity while serving, at the same time, as the basis for the proposition of a new languages.

This installation has a technological system in different channels and a specific interface created to manage 300 files divided into 6 different groups. The audio samples are organized into sound groups, passing through sea crossing until the corrosive wait inside refugee camps for then build a soundscape. It is a generative sound system, where sounds rotate through space and are constantly being redrawn.

  • Sonia Guggisberg holds a Phd in Visual Arts, São Paulo University, Brasil (Capes Scholarship), Ph.D. in Communication and Semiotics, from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo PUC-SP, (FAPESP Scholarship), Master of Arts, through the State University of Campinas (Capes Scholarship). Acts as an artist, videomaker and researcher, participating in group and solo exhibitions, lectures and workshops since the 1990s. She has experience in site-specific and video installation and, today develops studies in videographic language for documentary, as a research object. She has already held 20 solo exhibitions and, in addition to Brazil, his works have already been shown in New York, in some cities in Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Spain and France. It has works in the collection of the Museum Lasar Segal, Museum of Contemporary Art of SP, SESC, Pinacoteca, Museum of the City of São Paulo and Figueiredo Ferraz Institute among others. In 2015 the artist won the Brazil Photography Award 2014 (Porto Seguro Award): Essays and in 2017 the General Prize, Independent Production, MobilFilm. Centro Cultural Unibes, São Paulo, SP. He develops and coordinates the collective project Ecosystems. Lives and works in São Paulo. soniaguggisberg.com