[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Tim Dekkers — The Parasitic Humanity

Artist Statement

Tags: Design, Fashion, Manifestations Festival, Repetition, Symmetry

“Mankind is a parasite of the earth”. “We need the earth to live on but at the same time we also destroy her. If we can’t change our behaviour and our desire to consume, can we learn to see the beauty of our actions?”

On the one hand, these garments made from crystals show repetition and symmetry. These characteristics reflect mankind’s control over its surroundings. On the other hand, we recognize more abstract lines and structures, reflecting nature and its ways of being. The model is practically covered and overgrown by mankind’s excesses while still, in some small measure, under control of human influence. timdekkers.com/the-parasitic-humanity

  • Tim Dekkers (NL) is one of Manifestations Young Talents and nominated for the Young Talent Awards 2018. In 2018 he graduated from the University of the Arts in Utrecht (HKU) The Netherlands, with his fashion collection “The Parasitic Humanity”. In January 2019 he received the HKU Award for Artistic Performance for this work. Almost immediately after graduation he started as a Designer in the field of fashion, interior and art. He likes to explore the boundaries between fashion, design and art. His work is typical for the use of materials. He is always looking for materials that can support and tell his story and concept. He is guided by the material. The material determines what he can and cannot do. His preference therefore lies in the search for materials that are not used directly within the fashion field. The final silhouette is formed directly on the doll or human body. timdekkers.com