[ISEA2020] Artist Statement: Guillaume Cousin — Le Silence des Particules

Artist Statement

Tags: immersive installation, Lighting, Quantum Physics, Scopitone Festival

A machine forms large smoke rings, rendering visible the movement of air, something that is usually beyond our realm of the senses. Le silence des Particules invites us to contemplate millions of moving particles covering a surface area of over 100 metres; to have a sensory experience of the emptiness that surrounds us.

  • Guillaume Cousin (FR) describes himself as an “experimenter-constructor”. Scenographer and lighting designer in the performing arts since the 2000s, he explores the writing of space and time. He is fascinated by the unconscious impact it has on us. His understanding of quantum physics triggers in him the need to produce works off stage. Through sculptures and immersive installations, Guillaume Cousin’s works deal with the links between man and the imperceptible. He seeks the limits of what we call Reality and questions the position of man as supreme knower.

A Seconde Nature & ZINC production, in tandem with Chroniques, the production and distribution platform Coproducteurs: Le Grand R Scène National de la Roche sur Yon, L’expérience Harmaat – Fabrice Lambert